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Employee Training

Personal growth is linked with corporate growth.

Here at LPC Group, we believe that human resources are our most important asset. We have established various training programs with the goal of developing employees, who we consider to be the "treasures" of the corporation. From new employee training to qualification testing for manager promotion, technology qualification programs for learning about new technologies, and other kinds of seminars, we invite outside instructors and as businesspeople before employees we make use of outside institutions for employee cultivation that has an ethical component. Motivated employees are free to participate in training regardless of age or experience. Combined with our focus on free expression and actual ability, our rigorous training programs cultivate up-and-coming employees who will go on to take responsibility for the corporation in the future.

New Employee Training

Image of New Employee Training

Every year in April we hold our "New Employee Training" sessions targeted at new employees. The goals of this training are to teach new employees the support skills and greetings required for customer service, and instruct them in workplace manners. Of course, we also provide training and lectures for senior employees and group leaders, which includes actual work training.

Mid-career Employee Training

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We also hold training for mid-career employees when they first enter the corporation. Instead of immediately going to their store to work, these employees first spend time learning our corporate overview and details of the work they will do, and undergo training such as customer service training at our headquarters.

In-house Training

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Employees undergo training at their stores nearly every day. All store staff consider any problems at the store, and commit themselves to creating an even better hall in the pursuit of customer satisfaction. Training such as for customer service manners is also held as needed. Training is carried out by both managers and regular employees, taking advantage of everyone's specific talents.

Outside Training

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Employees undergo fire drills and emergency resuscitation training at each store on days when the store is closed, under the supervision of fire station personnel. Employees undergo training that includes crisis management every day, so that if a fire should occur everyone will be able to handle the situation calmly. All staff members also undergo emergency resuscitation training so that they can act quickly if a customer should become ill during business hours. Employees also strive to improve their skills and raise their awareness as service professionals by participating in many lectures and training events held outside the store.

Promotion Training

Image of Promotion Training

Periodic promotion training is held in order to increase employee skill. There are various forms of promotion training, such as from beginner to intermediate staff, or from group leader to senior staff.

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