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Mid-Career Recruitment

Mid-Career Recruitment | Contributing to the local community through a range of leisure activities Cultivating people and business We are the LPC Group



The LPC Group continues to pursue customer satisfaction.

We are expanding into a broad array of business domains centered on the entertainment industry in Shimane prefecture including franchise chain operations such as dining out and product sales, as well as advertising agencies, hotels and bridal.

The fundamental principle behind this highly diversified and expanding business are the keywords "Enhanced Leisure." Our vision for the future is to become a total life creation company that offers enhanced lifestyles to the local residents through various channels.

The LPC Group will further expand its regional locations, and open franchise locations nationwide. We will continue to take positive action to enhance our business while never failing to pursue customer service.


First call the exclusive toll-free recruitment number below.



Toll-free number hours of operation: 10:00 ~ 18:00
(Also available on weekends and holidays.)

Applocation Guidelines

Qualifications Over 18 years old. Inexperienced welcome.
Job Description Administration staff of the pachinko parlor
Employment status Permanent employee
Working location The parlor in Hyogo Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture, Yamaguchi Prefecture and Shimane Prefecture.
About selection Interview, Applicant screening
Salary Monthly salary \210,000-\240,000
※Commutation allowance will be paid specially (according to the rule of company)
Work hours 8:00 ~ 24:30 (2-shift system. Actually work 8 hours)
Holiday Month 8~9 day(year 105 days)
Compensation package Probation period for 3 months. Pay raise once a year. Bonus twice a year.
Benefits Various social insurance coverage Company uniform, Dietary allowance

Please contact us by toll-free phone about the Part-timer recruitment.


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