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LPC in numbers

LPC in numbers | Contributing to the local community through a range of leisure activities Cultivating people and business We are the LPC Group

8 numbers that tell you more about the LPC Group

What kind of company is the LPC Group? Following are 6 numbers that may answer that question for you.
We are happy that you want to learn more about the LPC Group and are interested in what we do.
  • Consolidated Group sales *As of November 2019

    33.4B yen

    The LPC Group has a stable business platform!

  • Consolidated Group sales *As of February 2020

    17 companies
    operating 40 stores

    The LPC Group manages a range of business operations,
    including restaurants, hotels, weddings and insurance, etc.

  • Average age (full-time staff)*As of February 2020

    35.4 years old

    We employ people from a broad age demographic

  • Number of employees
    (gender ratio) *As of November 2019

    Male: 330 Female: 355 Total685

    We provide a safe working environment for male and female staff

  • Total number of training trips


    America, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, etc.

  • No. of new employees hired over past 5 years *As of February 2020

    University graduates 54

    college graduates

    High school graduates 5

  • No. of employees promoted from general employee to executive positions *As of February 2020

    (of which 6 are directors)

    Hard work will lead to promotion!

  • No. of employees with over 10 years consecutive service *As of February 2020

    (full-time staff 255)

    The majority of our staff have over 10 years consecutive service.


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