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Employee interviews

Employee interviews store manager | Contributing to the local community through a range of leisure activities Cultivating people and business We are the LPC Group

Ryo Isemoto

Joined in 2013
Ryo Isemoto
Workplace: Marusan Co., Ltd.
Birthplace: Ehime Prefecture, Imabari City

What was your reason for joining the LPC Group?

Ryo Isemoto

I started looking for work in the hope of finding something that I love to do. I’ve always like pachinko and I wanted to get into the customers service industry.

The reason I chose Marusan from a number of other companies, stems from an opportunity I had to talk to one of the store managers which made me think it would be a good place to work.

What are your future goals?

主任 伊勢本 陵

My goal when I first joined was to become store manager. Of course, I didn’t have any clear reason for this, just the simple reason that if I had a goal, it would be to become a store manager. Although I currently hold a senior position, my goal has not changed and I have come one step closer.

What differs now is that I have a clear reason why I want to become store manager and that is I now have goals beyond that. I feel that working at Marusan is rewarding and makes you want to aspire to greater things.

I want to do my job in a way that the staff that I work with and the customers think is fun.

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